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I'm mostly a sci-fi reader, preferring happy feelgood stories, and competency porn, but reading a lot of different stuff makes me happy :)

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Michelle Diener: Dark Matters (2019, Diener, Michelle) 5 stars

DARK MATTERS . . . taking matters into her own hands

A time bomb, waiting …

Really fun book

5 stars

Finally it seems like these books got a bit omre different from the other ones, I've really enjoyed them anyway, but it was good to get something that felt a bit less like a copy of the other books :)

reviewed Treshold of Annihalation by T. A. White (Firebird Chronicles, #3)

T. A. White: Treshold of Annihalation (EBook, T. A. White) 5 stars

When her most closely guarded secrets are laid bare, how will Kira survive the inevitable …

Good and driving

5 stars

I liked this one better than the last one of the series, like always the plot is very driving, almost too much for my liking, I usually like it when the pace is a bit more sedate.

reviewed Resistance by Etta Pierce (Intersolar union, #5)

Etta Pierce: Resistance (EBook) 5 stars

Imani James was a hunter, the kind of game ranger that tracked poachers and protected …

Best one in the series so far

5 stars

I feel like the author found a good balance in this book, and it was a fun and breezy read, really quite enjoyed it, it's not high literature like most things I read, but fun and entertaining.

reviewed Dark Deeds by Michelle Diener (Class 5, #2)

Michelle Diener: Dark Deeds (Paperback, 2016, Eclipse) 4 stars

Rescue might just be the death of her.

Far from home . . . Fiona …

Good book, a bit too similar to the first one

4 stars

I did really enjoy this one, it was just a tad bit too similar to the first one, I liked the first one, so it wasn't too bad, but would be nice with something that was a bit more different.