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I'm mostly a sci-fi reader, preferring happy feelgood stories, and competency porn, but reading a lot of different stuff makes me happy :)

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Michelle Diener: Dark Matters (2019, Diener, Michelle) 5 stars

DARK MATTERS . . . taking matters into her own hands

A time bomb, waiting …

Really fun book

5 stars

Finally it seems like these books got a bit omre different from the other ones, I've really enjoyed them anyway, but it was good to get something that felt a bit less like a copy of the other books :)

reviewed Treshold of Annihalation by T. A. White (Firebird Chronicles, #3)

T. A. White: Treshold of Annihalation (EBook, T. A. White) 5 stars

When her most closely guarded secrets are laid bare, how will Kira survive the inevitable …

Good and driving

5 stars

I liked this one better than the last one of the series, like always the plot is very driving, almost too much for my liking, I usually like it when the pace is a bit more sedate.

reviewed Resistance by Etta Pierce (Intersolar union, #5)

Etta Pierce: Resistance (EBook) 5 stars

Imani James was a hunter, the kind of game ranger that tracked poachers and protected …

Best one in the series so far

5 stars

I feel like the author found a good balance in this book, and it was a fun and breezy read, really quite enjoyed it, it's not high literature like most things I read, but fun and entertaining.

reviewed Dark Deeds by Michelle Diener (Class 5, #2)

Michelle Diener: Dark Deeds (Paperback, 2016, Eclipse) 4 stars

Rescue might just be the death of her.

Far from home . . . Fiona …

Good book, a bit too similar to the first one

4 stars

I did really enjoy this one, it was just a tad bit too similar to the first one, I liked the first one, so it wasn't too bad, but would be nice with something that was a bit more different.

reviewed Bob's Saucer Repair by Jerry Boyd (Bob and Nikki, #1)

Jerry Boyd: Bob's Saucer Repair 2 stars

Bob thought he was doing fine on his own. Then the love of his life …

This was not very enjoyable

2 stars

1,5 stars since I did actually finish this one

I did not have a lot of fun with this one, it started out pretty bad with it mostly being a long conversation with a lot of quipping.

The book is about "blue collars" but they don't stay that way for long, before we're 40% through the book they already have more money than they know what to do with it, and since the MC already had enough money to just buy a huge place from the beginning, it doesn't seem like they were struggling in the beginning either.

There is no challenge whatsoever in the whole book, they just say they want something, and then they do it. Nothing is not resolved after a maximum of 2 pages, and it's resolved in the most stupid way ever.

Really did not enjoy this book much at all.

reviewed Dance with the Devil by Kit Rocha (Mercenary Librarians, #3)

Kit Rocha: Dance with the Devil (2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 4 stars


Tobias Richter, the fearsome VP of Security of the …

Nice end to the triology

5 stars

I've really enjoyed this series, it had the right mix of stuff in the right quantities, and a really heartwarming found family in the middle, also about the right amount of spice, I have to say I really enjoyed this.

Everina Maxwell: Winter's Orbit (2021, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 4 stars

While the Iskat Empire has long dominated the system through treaties and political alliances, several …

Decent book, a bit too YA

3 stars

This was an enjoyable enough book, it just felt a bit too flat for me in some ways, I didn't really connect that well with the characters because they just couldn't talk with each other honestly, and seemed to misunderstand on purpose.

Kit Rocha: The Devil You Know (Paperback, 2021, Tor Books) 4 stars

With a brain genetically modified for perfect recall, Maya’s nightmares are more impressive than most. …

I did really like this one

5 stars

I don't know, I've heard many say this series is kind of boring and trite, but I like it, it's more about the characters being good to each other, and that feeling of the found family that is really nice :)

reviewed Persistance by Etta Pierce (Intersolar Union, #4)

Etta Pierce: Persistance (EBook) 4 stars

Aavar Medansh, chief pilot to the human colony on Yaspur, has had his sights set …

Great book, got a bit too bleak for me in the middle

4 stars

Etta's books are really good, but they tend to focus a bit too much on to the bleak and heavy, more than I enjoy at least, and from the rather long list of CWs they really do apply, so make sure to read them if you have issues with some heavy subjects.

Kit Rocha: Deal with the Devil (2020, Tor Books) 4 stars

Deal with the Devil is Orphan Black meets the post-apocalyptic Avengers by USA Today and …

Really enjoyed this one

5 stars

This was a lot of fun, good characters, and a warm sense of a found family, the action was not too tense, and just in general I really enjoyed this one, also just the right amount of spice :)