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Artists in Crime is a detective novel by Ngaio Marsh; it is the sixth novel …

Would be better were it not for the Aussie

4 stars

Content warning Spoiler for probably midway through the book or so

Brunswick Street Blues (Paperback, 2022, Harper Collins) 4 stars

Winner of the inaugural ASA/HQ Commercial Fiction Prize. The twists keep piling up in this …

An enjoyable romp through the City of Yarra

4 stars

There's a lot going on in this version of the City of Yarra in 2007 (a local government area of Melbourne, Australia). The Melbourne Blues scene, football, freeway planning, shady developers, the Melbourne Cup, adoption and local politics all get thrown in to the mix when our main character Brick Brown (part time bartended, part time council worker) enters the archives room in the council building where she works to find the mayor dead with his pants down.

Her Uncle Baz (who's really more of a dad) has gone missing and with the help of the ex-war correspondent Mitch Mitchell and her friends she needs to unravel the weird web of politics to find him.

It sounds heavy, but it is a light romp. Some of the threads which end up being a bit loose at the end get resolved in an "oh by the way" but it was good …

Roman Holiday (2014, Accent Press Limited) 4 stars

Another Fine Second Chance

4 stars

Accidentally borrowed this from the digital library (when trying to borrow a different book in the series) and yeah it was the usual St Marys adventure, though after reading Second Chance it's confusing how it relates given the ending of Second Chance.

But as a palate cleanser between the books, it's nice enough.

Summer Knight (Paperback, 2011, imusti, Orbit) 4 stars

Ever since his girlfriend left town to deal with her newly acquired taste for blood, …

I really do hope that the next book is a little bit more urban and a little less fantasy. While I enjoy the fantasy parts of the series, I think this one almost went too far.

I'm mostly worried about further books needing to up the ante.

Another fine mess

4 stars

The Chronicles of St Mary's seem to always be an easy read and this one is no exception.

And this one goes through the normal romp in the first part (that ends in a fairly big change to a relationship), a perilous foe in the second and then throws in a curve ball for the ending.

And I kind of almost wish that it setup the curve ball in this book and left the curve ball itself for a later book.

But curious to see where it goes.