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I read a lot. I average 80+ books a year. I like mysteries, historical fiction, rom com. Trying to move from Goodreads to here.

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Hiding the Past (Paperback, 2013, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform) 5 stars

Hiding the Past

5 stars

Another re-read. I really like this series and this book has a lot going for it. There's the stand-alone mystery where Morton is researching Mr. Coldrick, a man who hired him and then killed himself on the same day. Morton is suspicious and then bad things start to happen. The long-term mystery of who Morton is also starts. For the long-term mystery, there's enough that satiates the curiosity without giving everything away. The stand alone mystery is strong and interesting! Every time I read these books, I want to get in and study my history!

The Sawtooth Slayer

4 stars

This book is even better than the first. Not sure if it's because I know more about the characters (that helps - the mystery with Maddie has moved along, along with Kenyatta's mystery). The research that they do is still interesting (albeit a little little boring sometimes), but it does make me want to start researching my family. I can see that this series is getting better and better and that makes me very excited.

A Season for Second Chances (Paperback, 2021, G.P. Putnam's Sons) 4 stars

A Season for Second Chances

4 stars

I love books like this when someone decides to make a big change in their life, they move to a tiny place and totally fit in. (spoiler?) Due to her life, Ms. Sharpe has to get away, she needs a place to live, and she finds a perfect situation to hide out and be a 'guardian' for a home. The home is a short-term lease, but slowly and surely, she finds a home. very cozy and lovely!

Singapore Sapphire

4 stars

I am interested in this series. It's set in Colonial Singapore. The main characters are British, but there are some Singaporean characters, but they are mostly in the background. I'm hoping that'll change in the series.
I thought this would be a story mostly based on Harriet (it is listed as a "Harriet Gordon Mystery" on Goodreads), but it's a split between Harriet and the detective, Curran. Curran is a bit of a mystery himself, born into a rich family, but from the wrong stock. He has gone "native" in Singapore - I found this interesting and want to learn more. Harriet isn't just a personal secretary but someone who has lived life, lost, and fought.
The mystery is interesting, Sir Newbold and his servant were killed and Harriet found them. Curran investigates who Newbold was and why he was killed.
I am very interested in reading more about colonial …

Death by Bubble Tea (2022, Penguin Publishing Group) 2 stars

Death by Bubble Tea

2 stars

I was a little disappointed in this story. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't like Yale, the main character, or what. There were enough elements that made me excited about the story, Asian Americans, Los Angeles, Food! But it just didn't flow for me. I didn't feel like the investigations were strong and it just wasn't a very good mystery. Bummer.

Ink Black Heart (2022, Little Brown & Company) 4 stars

Ink Black Heart

4 stars

New adventure with Robin and Cormoran! I enjoy this series - I like the switch between protagonists - Robin and Strike. I'm actually not really into the whole 'will they- won't they' thing - I just enjoy how awesome Robin has grown and how their business is FINALLY thriving. I do wish Strike would take care of himself though. The mystery takes a while to get in. I think if you don't know much about the internet, you may have a hard time following along some of the story. A woman comes and meets Robin, the firm is swamped and Robin is unable to help. Later, the woman dies and the firm gets hired, to find out the same thing the woman came in and more. There's a lot of talk about internet, chat-style speaking, online vernacular, etc. CW: abuse, pedophilia, murder. I found it all very interesting. The book …

The Madness of Crowds (2021, Minotaur Books) 4 stars

The Madness of Crowds

4 stars

Oh, I love this series. For this new book, it has not joined my favorites, but it's also not the worse. It's okay. I understand that writers had to decide whether to include the pandemic in their books or if they had to ignore it. I understand that it's a hard thing to decide. Ms. Penny decided to include the pandemic, but AFTER the pandemic in a world where things have "recovered" but not really (kinda like real life). The title is very good because crowds can easily turn to madness with a leader who does not have the best intentions or has terrible goals. Now here, (no spoilers) there's a person who Inspector Gamache must work with and he does not agree with her ideas, but he must investigate whether someone is trying to kill her or if it was someone else that was the target. (I'm really trying …

Evil in Emerald

5 stars

Harriet is trying out new things and joined a dramatic society. Of course, it's full of dramatic people and interesting characters. There's a murder of one of the drama peeps, a young man who is known to the ladies - single or married. Curran gets involved because it's a murder and Harriet is involved because she works with Curran and can help (as much as she can unofficially). I do like how she does have a legit reason to be involved and investigate.

There's big changes in Curran's life (don't want to spoil anything) and it makes it really really interesting. I'm VERY excited about the next (last!) book in the series.