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A numbers geek reading SFF to maintain some hope in this world.

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Gail Carriger: Divinity 36 (2023, GAIL CARRIGER LLC) 4 stars

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you a gloriously warm and unique scifi …

Loved by others, but not me

3 stars

I know several people who love this series, but it came off as dull and bland to me. I usually like found family stories, but I have to care for the characters first, which I never did in this book. I also couldn't suspend disbelief enough to accept the general premise.

Ian Mcdonald: The Dervish House (2010, Pyr) 4 stars

Seven days, six characters, three interconnected story strands, one central common core--the eponymous dervish house, …

Ian McDonald Does It Again

5 stars

Yet another Ian McDonald book is a 5-star read for me, even though it is something I normally wouldn't enjoy. McDonald has a knack for writing books that are everything I normally hate (slow uneven pacing, not much happening, way too much time spent describing the background and scenery, etc.) but I end up loving. This wasn't quite as good as Hopeland, but still an excellent read.

Kemi Ashing-Giwa: Splinter in the Sky (2023, Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers) 3 stars

The dust may have just settled in the failed war of conquest between the Holy …

Great Debut Novel

4 stars

This was quite similar to A Memory Called Empire, but with a lot more physical action and a protagonist who wasn't enamored with the empire she was pulled into. As a first novel it is a little rough around the edges, and there could have been more support for some of the motivations, but it was still enjoyable. Another positive - If you are striking out when trying to explain microaggressions to someone who just doesn't get it, have them read this book.

Natalie Zina Walschots: Hench (Hardcover, 2020, William Morrow) 4 stars

4.5 Stars

4 stars

Hench is a lot more serious and deep than you'd expect from some of the flippant descriptions. I went in wanting something as light escapism. That's not what I got, but it was certainly worth a read, and I liked it far more than a few other things I've picked up recently that looked better on the surface.