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A numbers geek reading SFF to maintain some hope in this world.

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@eldang As you say, it is fun to see the varied responses. And I knew I would mostly be the dissenting opinion since this book has a massive following. I was attending Worldcon while I was reading Jade City. Fonda Lee was also attending and I was near the autograph area while she was signing. Her fans are very passionate. Unless something is just truly bad writing, I will never be the person who says, "This books sucks!" It is often simply a matter of taste, and I knew going in to an urban fantasy that there was a very good chance I wasn't going to enjoy it, but with all the love I'd seen expressed for this book, I wanted to like it.

I agree about Hilo and was glad to see Shae's story become as prominent. I can see your view that the ending could have been his …

Jade City (2017) 4 stars

Jade City is a 2017 fantasy novel by Fonda Lee. It won the World Fantasy …

Not for me (spoilers)

3 stars

This book is competently written, but is not for me. I had no connection to any of the main characters and while the author made attempts to explain their motivations to make them more endearing, most of it rang untrue for me. A few of the lesser characters had far more interesting and complicated storylines, notably Doru, Wen, and Anden.

The biggest letdown for me was after 600 pages of hearing about honor, even between clans as part of some unwritten code of rules, the climax comes from winning a battle by feigning a surrender and then using that as the element of surprise to triumph. From everything I'd been told about Hilo up until then, it feels that while he would do that, it doesn't seem like he'd take satisfaction from winning in that way, yet he does.

I'm interested to know how some of the minor characters progress, …

Perhaps the Stars (Hardcover, 2021, Tor Books) 5 stars

From the 2017 John W. Campbell Award Winner for Best Writer, Ada Palmer's Perhaps the …

Satisfaction (no spoilers)

5 stars

After a long wait for the final Terra Ignota volume, Perhaps The Stars does not disappoint. Yes, there are parts that on and on, but they work if you've bought in to the previous books. There is even in-story justification for this that was started in The Will to Battle.

The dense prose we've come to expect continues here, and I feel I need to complete a reread before I can write much more of a review.

In short, if you liked the previous novels then this is an extremely satisfying conclusion. Those who found the prior works to be more of a struggle won't have any relief here.