Vyvian Raoul, Matt Bonner: Advertising Shits in Your Head (2019, PM Press) 4 stars

Advertising Shits in Your Head calls adverts what they are—a powerful means of control through …


2 stars

This book is frustrating, and it really was in need of an editor. Not only because there are occasional mistakes that make sentences absolutely infuriating to read but because an editor would've stopped and been like "You talked about this, can we please elaborate? Perhaps it might make a stronger case."

The introduction was inciting, and it really set the tone. It's unfortunate that the rest of it fell flat and felt largely vague. It also missed key moments to actually go into depth on some of the issues related to subvertising, like a more cohesive discussion on the co-option of street art (namely Banksy, as that was an example).