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Suzana Klark, Сюзанна Кларк, 苏珊娜·克拉克, and 9 others Сюзана Кларк, Сузана Кларк, Susanna Clarke, スザンナ・クラーク, סוזנה קלארק, Susanna Clarková, Susanna Klārka, Suzanna Klark, スザンナ クラーク
Nov. 1, 1959

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Susanna Mary Clarke (born 1 November 1959) is an English author best known for her debut novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2004), a Hugo Award-winning alternative history. Clarke began Jonathan Strange in 1993 and worked on it during her spare time. For the next decade, she published short stories from the Strange universe, but it was not until 2003 that Bloomsbury bought her manuscript and began work on its publication. The novel became a best-seller. Two years later, she published a collection of her short stories, The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories (2006). Both Clarke's debut novel and her short stories are set in a magical England and written in a pastiche of the styles of 19th-century writers such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. While Strange focuses on the relationship of two men, Jonathan Strange and Gilbert Norrell, the stories in Ladies focus on the power women gain through magic. Clarke's second novel, Piranesi, was published in September 2020.

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