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הענרי וואדזווארטה לאנגפעללא, הנרי ודסוורת לונגפלו, ဟင်နရီ ဝါ့စ်ဝါ့သ် လောင်းဖဲလို, and 74 others Henri Vodsvort Longfelou, Henrijs Vordsvorts Longfello, H. Longfellow, Henri Longpʻelo, Генри Уодсуорт Лонгфелло, ה לאנגפעלא, Henry Lanhfėla, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ה. וו לאנגפעללא, Henryk W. Longfellow, ה. וו לאנגפעלא, Rongpʻello, Henricus Wadsworth Longfellow, Henri Ṿadzṿorṭh Longfello, ה. ו לונגפילו, הענרי וואדסוואוירט לאנגפעלא, H. W Longfellow, Genri Longfello, Genri Uodsvort Longfello, Henryk Longfellow, হেনরি ওয়েডসওয়ার্থ লংফেলো, Enrico W. Longfellow, הנרי ודסוורת לאנגפעלא, ヘンリー・ワーズワース・ロングフェロー, ஹென்றி வாட்ஸ்வொர்த் லாங்ஃபெல்லோ, הענרי װאדזװארטה לאנגפעללא, Генрі Лонгфелло, Henri Lonqfello, Хенри Водсворт Лонгфелоу, هنري وادزورث لونغفيلو, Nongpʻello, Henri Wodswoyrt Langfelo, 헨리 워즈워스 롱펠로, Հենրի Լոնգֆելո, Guenri Uodsuort Longfello, H.W. Langfeiluo, Лонгфелло, Генри Лонгфелло, .. Longfellow, හෙන්රි වර්ඩ්ස්වර්ත් ලොන්ග්ෆෙලෝ, הנרי וודסוורת' לונגפלו, Genrich Longfello, H.W. Longfellow, H. W. Longfellow, هنری وادزورث لانگ‌فلو, H. W ロングフェロー, Henry Longfellow, H.W. 朗费罗, Henry Lanhfela, Longfello, ヘンリー・ワズワース ロングフェロー, Генри Уодсворт Лонгфелло, 亨利·沃茲沃思·朗費羅, Genri Uodsuort Longfello, Хенри Уадсуорт Лонгфелоу, Henry W. Longfellow, הנרי וודסוורת לונגפלו, Heinrich W. Longfellow, ה. ו לנגפלאו, Henri Vadsvort Longfelo, ਹੈਨਰੀ ਵਾਡਸਵਰਥ ਲਾਂਗਫੈਲੋ, हेनरी वाड्सवर्थ लांगफेलो, Longpʻello, Longfellow, Henris Vodsvertas Longfelou, Henryk Wadsworth Longfellow, הנרי ו לונגפלו, Henrijs V. Longfelou, Генры Лангфела, Henry Wardswarth Longfellow, Ҳенри Уодсворт Лонгфелло, Henri Longfello, ھێنری وادزوۆرس لانگفێلۆ, ჰენრი უოდსუორთ ლონგფელო
Dec. 15, 1807
Dec. 15, 1882

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882) was an American poet and educator. His original works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline. He was the first American to translate Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy and was one of the fireside poets from New England. Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine, which was then still part of Massachusetts. He graduated from Bowdoin College and became a professor there and, later, at Harvard College after studying in Europe. His first major poetry collections were Voices of the Night (1839) and Ballads and Other Poems (1841). He retired from teaching in 1854 to focus on his writing, and he lived the remainder of his life in the Revolutionary War headquarters of George Washington in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His first wife Mary Potter died in 1835 after a miscarriage. His second wife Frances Appleton died in 1861 after sustaining burns when her dress caught fire. After her death, Longfellow had difficulty writing poetry for a time and focused on translating works from foreign languages. Longfellow died in 1882. Longfellow wrote many lyric poems known for their musicality and often presenting stories of mythology and legend. He became the most …

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