Utopia for Realists

How We Can Build the Ideal World

paperback, 336 pages

Published March 27, 2018 by Back Bay Books.

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Utopia for Realists: The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders, and a 15-hour Workweek (alternatively subtitled And How We Can Get There and How We Can Build the Ideal World) is a book by Dutch popular historian Rutger Bregman.[1] It was originally written as articles in Dutch for a virtual journal, De Correspondent and was since compiled and published,[2] and translated into several languages. It offers a critical proposal that it claims is a practical approach to reconstructing modern society to promote a more productive and equitable life based on three core ideas:

a universal and unconditional basic income paid to everybody a short working week of fifteen hours open borders worldwide with the free movement of citizens between all states


Rationale As a result of the advance of international trade and economic science in recent decades, globalization has radically transformed the traditional social and economic order …

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