The Beautiful Decay

Tombtown #2


English language

Published July 20, 2023 by Witch Key Fiction.

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5 stars (5 reviews)

Something strange is happening in sleepy subterranean Tombtown. Necromancers are disappearing. The crypt is changing. And crimson fungi are spreading.

Usther is seeking purpose, so when the goddess of undying calls on her to investigate an unknown threat to the crypt, she jumps at the chance. She is lost and lonely and determined to do something.

Ree is searching for her missing mentor. An archivist and shapeshifter, she knows the crypt better than anyone, but she soon discovers that it is fast becoming unfamiliar to her—and dangerous to everyone she loves.

For Tombtown to survive, Usther and Ree will have to face nightmarish mushrooms, self-righteous paladins, and their own traumatic pasts. Because whatever is happening has something to do with the traitorous friend they've both been trying to forget for eight years.

2 editions

Shroomies of doom, skelets and recovering from past traumas with friends

5 stars

I enjoyed skipping sleeping time to munch chapters of this book, which is a good sign already.

Characters from the pash book are coming back. They have grown, and time let their mark on them all. The themes are grim, even more than in the previous book I feel. But everybody is trying their best for their friends and relative. Small moments of care are depicted along very epic ones. Also there's queerness everywhere in the open. I believe it's the first time I read a fiction with a plural character?

The authors keep succeeding in making necromancers denizen humans and relatable, this is so good.

also there are skelets and spooky stuff and some well timed goofyness

Excellent! Wonderful character development across the series

5 stars

I backed The Beautiful Decay on Kickstarter, and read it after it was released to backers. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but that’s okay because it was only released to bookstores yesterday. \o/

I love this book; one of the rare cases where I enjoyed a sequel even more than the first book. The Beautiful Decay is the second full-length Tombtown book. I’ve read all the Tombtown stories, and my recommended reading order is:

1) Books & Bone 2) Familiar & Flame 3) The Beautiful Decay

“Making Friends”: Delightful, can be read at any point, doesn’t connect directly to any of the other stories. “Tinker & Terror”: Oddly compelling protagonist; doesn’t really connect to the other books but I recommend reading it after Books & Bone.

The Tombtown stories revolve around necromancers and their friends, both living and undead, and the vast underground warren of interconnected catacombs where they’ve made …


  • Fantasy
  • Necromancy