(Pathfinder series ; bk. 1)

Hardcover, 672 pages

English language

Published Dec. 8, 2010 by Simon Pulse.

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4 stars (1 review)

The book begins with Rigg, a boy that has the strange ability to see the path of any living being, no matter how long ago it existed. He spends his time hunting with his father in the mountains, trapping for valuable pelts. His father is his mentor, and so he has taught Rigg everything he knows. His father dies impaled by a tree, and the man's parting words were to find not Rigg's mother, but his sister, a person of whom Rigg had had no knowledge. After his father dies, Rigg tries to save a boy named Kyokay on the Stashi Falls (the waterfalls close to Rigg's home). During this rescue attempt, the paths around him solidify and people begin to appear in these paths. Someone else's path overlaps with Kyokay and because of that he is unable to save the boy. His brother Umbo sees this, starts throwing stones …

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