Let All the Children Boogie

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Let All the Children Boogie (2021, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom)

English language

Published Jan. 21, 2021 by Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom.


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5 stars

A beautiful short, set in September 1991 with two 16yo protagonists in a small town in America — one non-binary, the other female and maybe queer?

It probably helps that I too was a queer 16yo in a small town in 1991 and Miller's choice of tracks, as well as this being a hopeful queer tale.

“The future is written, you might say. What will be will be. What’s the point of this? But so many futures are written. An infinite number, in fact. A billion trillion ways your story could end. I want to make sure you end up with the right future.”

As some of the more negative reviewers note, there are some points that don't quite hit — I'm pretty sure that permanent sense of impending doom was passing once the Wall had fallen, poets and trades unionists become presidents and Ceauşescu been executed, let alone the …


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