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The sea has taken everything. Mau is the only one left after a giant wave sweeps his island village away. But when much is taken, something is returned, and somewhere in the jungle Daphne...a girl from the other side of the globe — is the sole survivor of a ship destroyed by the same wave. Together the two confront the aftermath of catastrophe. Drawn by the smoke of Mau and Daphne's sheltering fire, other refugees slowly arrive: children without parents, mothers without babies, husbands without wives — all of them hungry and all of them frightened. As Mau and Daphne struggle to keep the small band safe and fed, they defy ancestral spirits, challenge death himself, and uncover a long-hidden secret that literally turns the world upside down....Internationally revered storyteller Terry Pratchett presents a breathtaking adventure of survival and discovery, and of the courage required to forge new beliefs.

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Review of 'Nation' on Goodreads

4 stars

Terry Pratchett's Nation is a marked departure for the esteemed author from his Discworld series of books but presents the reader with many of the same issues and underlying messages as his other works. It's certainly well worth a read and introduces us to some truly memorable characters.

Review of 'Nation' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

Any capsule description of the plot of this book sounds inadequate. To really describe this book I'd need about 367 pages, and Terry Pratchett to write it. Fortunately, he's already done that. It's published in book form. It's called Nation. Go read it. Now. It's chock full of the best of Pratchett's stealthy ways of making you think, just a little less stealthy this time. The book is by no means preachy, and tells an excellent story, but it is obvious that, in this book, Mr. Pratchett has crammed in as many hooks to get you thinking as he possibly can. The good part is that, at the same time, he's managed to keep you turning the page, created a world that feels real, stocked it with 3-dimensional characters, made you care about them, AND tied everything up with a bow at the end, all in under 400 pages.

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