Angel of the Overpass

(Ghost Roads #3)

eBook, 312 pages

English language

Published May 16, 2021 by DAW.


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Lady of shadows, keeper of changes, plant the seeds of faith within me, that I might grow and flourish, that I might find my way through danger and uncertainty to the safety of your garden. Let my roots grow strong and my skin grow thick, that I might stand fast against all who would destroy me. Grant to me your favor, grant to me your grace, and when my time is done, grant to me the wisdom to lay my burdens down and rest beside you, one more flower in a sea of blooms, where nothing shall ever trouble me again.

Rose Marshall died when she was sixteen years old and on her way to her high school prom. She hasn't been resting easy since then—Bobby Cross, the man who killed her, got away clean after running her off the road, and she's not the kind of girl who can …

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Fine della strada

5 stars

Content warning no, NON nel senso che Rose muore (anche perché era dura, essendo morta da decenni). Solo nel senso che questo è l'ultimo romanzo dedicato a lei, con lei come protagonista. E io vado di nuovo in avviso spoiler, perché...

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5 stars

In ANGEL OF THE OVERPASS, Rose reckons with what has happened in the Twilight and beyond thanks to certain actions taken in the Incryptid novel, THAT AIN’T WITCHCRAFT. As a side note, if you’ve been reading the Ghost Roads without reading Incryptid then I recommend fixing that if possible since the two series are related and these two books in particular intertwine them irrevocably.

Rose has been dead since she was sixteen, and her years of hitching have kept her moving. The Ghost Roads series, generally, has the time to do a lot of worldbuilding from a different but complementary view to the Incryptid books. It focuses on routewitches, ghosts, and occasionally deities, where Incryptid focuses on the Price-Healy lineage/antics and cryptids (which are sometimes the same thing).

Not only does this wrap up a big thing left hanging from the start of the series, but it also addresses the …

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