Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

English language

Published Feb. 13, 2022 by Skill Recordings Inc..

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4 stars (8 reviews)

A lot of Engineering Managers and leaders studied for years and years to become the best Engineer they possibly could be... and then they were promoted.

It can be very tough for those of us who didn't go into Engineering with the distinct concept that we would become managers, but still want to do our best to support our teams.

I wrote this book because there's so much no one told me about management that I wished I would have known. There's a lot to be purposeful about that many of us learn on the job, and worse: learn on people. This book provides some organization for collaborating with networks of people, working together towards a common purpose.

There seem to be millions of articles and "how to"s on programming and only a handful of resources on Engineering Management- why? It's very tough to talk about something that involves people …

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Engineering Management for the Rest of Us

1 star

I appreciated Sarah's general outlook on management, and I'm sure there's plenty of good advice in the book, but it needed an editor. Or a different editor. Or a different writer and editor.

Too much of the first few chapters were like trying read a marketing blog or an HR email, not a book I wanted to study or curl up with. I gave up as soon as I got to to this sentence:

"A larger action item: try to change any processes or patch any misalignments that exist around the person that might alleviate the disconnects."

The layout is really nice, though.

Review of 'Engineering Management for the Rest of Us' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

A solid introduction to software engineering management that has more interesting things to say towards the back half of the book. It leans a little heavily on pop sci airport books and blogs whose key references are other blogs. It functions quite well as a low bar to measure yourself against and sometimes it is good to be reminded of the basics.

Great introduction to Engineering Management

5 stars

With Engineering Management for the Rest of Us Sarah Drasner gives us a great starting point for new managers. On approximately 200 pages Sarah gives us a tour of all of areas that managers need to think about.

In chapter 1 Sarah starts with a quote from Ashley Willis, which sets the mood for the rest of the book: "The fact that you're worried that you're not a good manager is a key part of being a good manager."

The book is split into four parts: Your Team, Collaboration, Helping Your Team Do Their Best Work, and Your Work. This is one of the great things of the book, that it not just handles the managing and leading of people, but also how you can do great work and have a full-filling career.

For each of the topics that Sarah touches in Engineering Management for the Rest of Us adds …

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