The Four Profound Weaves

paperback, 192 pages

Published Aug. 31, 2020 by Tachyon Publications.


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Wind: To match one's body with one's heart

Sand: To take the bearer where they wish

Song: In praise of the goddess Bird

Bone: To move unheard in the night

The Surun' do not speak of the master weaver, Benesret, who creates the cloth of bone for assassins in the Great Burri Desert. But Uiziya now seeks her aunt Benesret in order to learn the final weave, although the price for knowledge may be far too dear to pay.

Among the Khana, women travel in caravans to trade, while men remain in the inner quarter as scholars. A nameless man struggles to embody Khana masculinity, after many years of performing the life of a woman, trader, wife, and grandmother.

As the past catches up to the nameless man, he must choose between the life he dreamed of and Uiziya, and Uiziya must discover how to challenge a tyrant, and weave …

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Review of 'The Four Profound Weaves' on 'Storygraph'

No rating

The cover blurb from Annalee Newitz calls this a “queer-mystical fairy tale” and what a great representation that is. A big warm blanket of a queer fairy tale. Yes there’s darkness and bones and ghosts and flesh eating flies like in any good fairy tale, but there’s hope and growth too. Tachyon, I hope you consider publishing a complete birdverse anthology someday, R. B.’s work belongs in a great gilt-edged tome.