Time of the twins

(DragonLance tales)

398 pages

English language

Published Jan. 8, 1988 by TSR, distributed by Random House.

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The War of the Lance had ended. The darkness has passed.

Or has it?

One man, the powerful archmage, Raistlin, intends that the darkness return. Two people alone can stop him. One is Crysania, a beautiful cleric of good, who is drawn to Raistlin as a moth is drawn to a flame. The other is his twin, Caramon, who must come to an understanding of himself before he can redeem his brother.

Together with the irrepressible kender, Tasslehoff, these three take a perilous journey back in time to the days just before the Cataclysm.

In the doomed city of Istar, poised on the brink of disaster, dark magic and darker ambition battle love and self-sacrifice in a quest to save not only the world but more importantly - a soul.

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