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Published Jan. 8, 2003 by Penguin Books.

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Mark Kurlansky's books Cod & Salt are the musts for every student on food studies. Together they supply the missing link of knowledge. One or two semesters courses are recommended for beginners in cod and salt studies.

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Some things change, and others don't

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A world history missing the usual places, Salt is nevertheless an engaging look into the many different cultures and contexts in which salt has featured in our past. From China to the Americas, humans have been making salt as long as we've been farming, if not longer, and our relationship to the simple little rock is anything but simple.

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Было бы замечательно как сборник занимательных фактов, но книга пытается показать даже наверное не историю соли как, гм, явления, а мировую историю — через призму соли как определяющего фактора во многих поворотных моментах, и для этого коммитмента не хватает ни ей, ни мне.

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