Why Success Always Starts with Failure

Paperback, 320 pages

Published May 1, 2011 by Little, Brown Young Readers.


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«We all need a critic, and for most of us the inner critic is not nearly frank enough. We need someone who can help us hold those two jostling thoughts at the same time: 'I am not a failure - but I have made a mistake'.»

Well, ask any scientist (and especially evolutionary biologists) how they feel about failure and adapting to it and you will see why this is yet another case of preaching to the choir. All in all, this book is a long essay on why you should not only accept failure but embrace it. The main thesis: our world is by far to complex to come up with only one valid plan that will lead to success. Instead you will have to try lots of different plans and in the end hopefully one will work. And you shouldn't sweat too much about it, because most of …

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