Please Kill Me

The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (An Evergreen book)

Paperback, 488 pages

English language

Published April 13, 2006 by Grove Press.


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5 stars (6 reviews)

A contemporary classic, Please Kill Me is the definitive oral history of the most nihilistic of all pop movements. Iggy Pop, Richard Hell, the Ramones, and scores of other punk figures lend their voices to this decisive account of that explosive era.

2 editions

Review of 'Please Kill Me' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

people who dislike the format of this book obviously ignored the title. beyond that i dont know how one can ignore Legs' gift for editing. sometimes it seems like he's setting these snippets up just to knock them all down with the summarizing paragraph of another first-hand witness that comes off like a punchline to end the chapter. reads like a documentary at times.

people who complain that the book doesnt address the west coast scene, more of the UK variety, or "punk" as a genre into the 80s and beyond are ignoring the fact that Legs is one of the founders of Punk Magazine, the publication that arguably coined the term for the music discussed herein. the contributors--his friends and acquaintances during the time of that founding--address the west coast, the UK, and the present/future (depending on what historical perspective theyre writing from) only insofar as as these places …

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