And Put Away Childish Things

208 pages

English language

Published March 31, 2023 by Black Library, The, Solaris.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

All roads lead to Underhill, where it’s always winter, and never nice.

Harry Bodie has a famous grandmother, who wrote beloved children’s books set in the delightful world of Underhill. Harry himself is a failing kids’ TV presenter whose every attempt to advance his career ends in self-sabotage. His family history seems to be nothing but an impediment.

An impediment... or worse. What if Underhill is real? What if it has been waiting decades for a promised child to visit? What if it isn’t delightful at all? And what if its denizens have run out of patience and are taking matters into their own hands?

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2 stars

It was okay. I'm not quite sure what he was going for with this one. It felt like it wanted to be too many things. I disliked the protagonist, and he never redeemed himself or grew interesting in my dislike of him. The joy and delight I could have taken from all the nods and asides to beloved children's fiction never materialized. It all felt clompy. Tchaikovsky is an instabuy author for me, so this was kind of disappointing. The premise was strong, but the actual story felt shallow and dull.

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5 stars
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