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reviewed The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi (Old Man's War, #2)

John Scalzi: The Ghost Brigades (EBook, 2007, Tor) 4 stars

The Ghost Brigades are the Special Forces of the Colonial Defense Forces, elite troops created …

Where's John Perry?

3 stars

Found as EN "boxed set" and read the trilogy (with Old Man's War & The Last Colony) in less than a week (nights mainly). Less entertaining than #1 IMHO, but "needed" to jump into #3

reviewed Small Town Heroes by Marion G. Harmon (Wearing the Cape, #4)

Marion G. Harmon: Small Town Heroes (Paperback) 3 stars

Astra has become one of the most popular Sentinels in Chicago, past scandals notwithstanding, and …

Not really part #4

2 stars

This is book #4 in the series, but it's not the fourth part. Apparently there's a short story, "Omega Night", and it contained both plot and character developments that significantly impact this book. However, even on the official author's website it's not listed between books 3 and 4. It's listed after the final book, among other "related works".

And the author doesn't really do a good job of recapping what happened, it's just an abrupt jump, and now Hope/Astra's angsting over a new crush that started during that book, freaking out over a danger to one of her friends that's due to events in that book, and a number of other sudden changes.

And these changes continue to casually come up over the course of the entire book, so that put a serious damper on my enjoyment of it.

Beyond that, the premise/setting was unique and somewhat interesting, but a …

Marguerite Henry: Stormy, Misty's Foal (Misty, #3) (Paperback, Aladdin) 4 stars

Stormy, Misty's Foal is a children's novel written by Marguerite Henry, illustrated by Wesley Dennis, …

Cute ponies, bleakly accurate historical sexism

3 stars

Book #3 of the Misty series once again performs a hard reset on the Beebe timeline, as Sea Star is AWOL (he isn’t even referenced - which creeps out Adult Me but Child Me probably wouldn’t have minded much, I guess) and Misty herself is back home from NYC.

This one is about a storm that decimates the island’s town and nearly wipes out the feral pony herd. It doesn’t shy away from the bleaker parts of disaster recovery, and I think Henry did a great job in balancing the grim nature of the whole thing for a young audience.

It’s a little frustrating to see Maureen get shot down over and over again. Literally anytime she says anything in this book, Paul or the Grandparents immediately push back. She constantly laments being both “born a girl” and unable to help with the recovery efforts, and nothing ever comes of …

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1. September: Depression und Arbeitsbedingungen

Die Einflussfaktoren auf Depressionen sind multifaktoriell, z. B. durch familiäre oder gesundheitliche Probleme, Schicksalsschläge, Überlastung auf der Arbeit oder gesellschaftlicher Druck. Interessant ist, dass Menschen mit Depressionen die Arbeitsbedingungen und ihre Auswirkungen auf andere Lebensbereiche als Hauptursache für ihre Erkrankung angaben.

Die Referentin skizziert, was Depression ist und räumt mit gesellschaftlichen Vorurteilen auf. Daran anschließend wird aufgeschlüsselt, wie sich die Arbeitsbedingungen, Stress und sozialer Druck auf unsere psychische Gesundheit auswirken und warum auch Arbeitslosigkeit depressiv macht.

6. Oktober: Aktivismus und belastende Erfahrungen

Im Zuge der Klimaproteste im Kontext von Lützerath ist die Frage aufgekommen, wie blauäugig sich junge Menschen in anstrengende, stressige und sogar gefährliche Situationen begeben, um ihrer politischen Mündigkeit Ausdruck zu verleihen. Ein Mitbegründer und ehemaliger Aktivist von Out …