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Love and Let Die (2023, Pegasus Books) 3 stars

review of love and let die

3 stars

it's a history of the uk from after the second world war to the present day and at the same time a history of the Beatles and the James Bond franchise. and it's filled to the brim with details and anecdotes about production and personnel of both pop cultural monuments.

a specality of higgs' concept of telling the story is the use of "death drive"' and "love"', borrowed in a vast sense from Freud's psychology. he applies these concepts as well on the personal lifes as on the society in whole. therefore he is able to connect the layers and to pin a certain quality to decisions and developments.

as long as the main characters with their background and careers are part of their peer, there is nothing wrong with it. although i'm not sure, how much use it is either. but as soon as they lose this connex, there …

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Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet (2022) 4 stars

Socialists trying not to be morally condescending towards environmentalists [IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE]

4 stars

Overall a good marxist approach to the climate crisis, in three parts, according to the three classes involved.

The first part focuses on the capitalist class and the realm of production, detailing how the climate crisis originates there and not as a problem of (individual) consumption. He goes into detail on the production of artificial fertiliser to show how intimately the environmental pollution, the capitalist thirst for growth and the workers' lives are entwined.

The second part is about the professional classes and their attempts to deal with the crisis based on their realm of power: knowledge. Huber discerns three groups. First, the science communicators who try to educate and explain, believing that those who know the science will act accordingly. Second, the policy makers (who I associate with my ambitious, successful eurocrat friends) who believe we can correct the market failures without giving up capitalism. These two groups make …