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Sewer socialist in a muck-filled world. Reading, growing food, & music. Sort of retired, but I sell vinyl records to pay for bourbon—errrr, the car repairs and garden seeds.

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Murray Bookchin: The Ecology Of Freedom (2005) 5 stars

"Using a synthesis of ecology, anthropology, philosophy and political theory, this book traces our society's …


4 stars

Excellent investigation into hierarchies of all kinds and their origins. Some of the writing is thick as mud, but there are gorgeous passages scattered throughout. Seems to misunderstand science/evolution somewhat, in that he imagines a striving toward complexity and differentiation throughout the history of matter. This concept then is the basis for his ideas on societal and natural ecology, that there is wholeness in complementarity among difference. He thus advocates for our actions to increase this diversity, complementarity, lack of hierarchy etc., so that we can participate in this evolutionary process and eventually...well no one knows. Something cool one hopes!

I read the "Twenty Years Later" introduction after reading the book. In it, he addresses a lot of woo that became more popular in that time, and that was maybe even inspired by his writing. His views on this striving or inherent direction/reason in nature make him sound like a …

reviewed Nobodaddy's Children by John E. Woods (Collected Early Fiction 1949-1964, #2)

Arno Schmidt, John E. Woods: Nobodaddy's Children (Paperback, Dalkey Archive Press) 5 stars

Read it!

5 stars

Content warning Spoilers!

Alfred Döblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz (2018) 4 stars

In this translation of a harrowing and sprawling novel of 1920s Germany, the shifting fortunes …

Brutal, alive

4 stars

Content warning Yeah, spoilers

Steve Erickson: Days Between Stations (Hardcover, Poseidon Press, Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

Like a novelization to a lost David Lynch film

4 stars

Content warning Minor plot points/events