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A floating orb in a forgotten tower.

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A Psalm for the Wild-Built (2021, Tordotcom) 5 stars

It's been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; …

The Parable for the Great Resignation

5 stars

A short work delivered with wit, insight, and a hopeful vision of the future. Sibling Dex and Mosscap are characters that bounce off each other wonderfully, as the book peddles along at an easy clip.

If ever a work felt like a breath of fresh air, this is it.

Vesper Flights (2020, Grove Press) 5 stars

About Everything

5 stars

Written by a naturalist and historian, the book is mostly about birds and, at the same time, about everything. With scientific rigor, the natural world and complexities or human existence are compared and evaluated.

Do not simply file this away as feel-good animal stories. Macdonald is clever, challenging, and posses a devastating brilliance that cuts through, well, everything.

Macdonald is also a brilliant writer. This work is just one jaw-dropping turn of phrase after another.

The final set of essays are the most personal and at times feel like the loosest, and least focused. But for all the profundity of the early essays, these are the ones the scrape through grime of the world to see something glittering underneath.

Do read this one.