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wow books, amirite? trying to replace lethargic social media usage with slothful reading

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Errico Malatesta: At the Cafe: Conversations on Anarchism No rating

Malatesta began writing the series of dialogues that make up At the Café: Conversations on …

started reading this last night as i was scouring my ereader for a new book, and stumbled across it already on there, waiting

it's freely (and afaik legally, being authored 1920) available online from multiple sources, just give the title a search. i find the dialogue format excellent reading, it's probably one of my favourite devices next to the epistolary novel format

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@abekonge yes! i know the series under the name Lilith's Brood. there's some good discussion about it on ssb! it's one of those series that permanently altered how i view the world. when reading it i felt consistently off-balance, i think the "alienation" aspect is incredibly well realized

Barry Kirwan: The Eden Paradox (Paperback, 2011, Summertime Publications Inc) 5 stars

i liked how this started (right in the middle of the action! a very different world to the one i inhabit! that 2011 sci-fi novel feel) but around 2/5ths in it started going really crap with the plot

i'm not sure if i fooled myself by the promising start but i also feel like the writing worsened in the last half?

do not recommend lol, just dutifully finishing this rn