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wow books, amirite? trying to replace lethargic social media usage with slothful reading

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Errico Malatesta: At the Cafe: Conversations on Anarchism No rating

Malatesta began writing the series of dialogues that make up At the Café: Conversations on …

started reading this last night as i was scouring my ereader for a new book, and stumbled across it already on there, waiting

it's freely (and afaik legally, being authored 1920) available online from multiple sources, just give the title a search. i find the dialogue format excellent reading, it's probably one of my favourite devices next to the epistolary novel format

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@abekonge yes! i know the series under the name Lilith's Brood. there's some good discussion about it on ssb! it's one of those series that permanently altered how i view the world. when reading it i felt consistently off-balance, i think the "alienation" aspect is incredibly well realized

Barry Kirwan: The Eden Paradox (Paperback, 2011, Summertime Publications Inc) 5 stars

i liked how this started (right in the middle of the action! a very different world to the one i inhabit! that 2011 sci-fi novel feel) but around 2/5ths in it started going really crap with the plot

i'm not sure if i fooled myself by the promising start but i also feel like the writing worsened in the last half?

do not recommend lol, just dutifully finishing this rn

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@abekonge ah i see :) butler's prediction of trump and trumpism (even keying in the actual slogan? like damn) was top-of-mind for me while reading it. parable of the sower blew my mind, i'd never heard it mentioned before. it's relentless depiction of the turn for the worse of the protag's life as well as their inner strength and resolve resonated for a long time for me after reading

talents was, i think, less memorable for me? i remember the broad plotlines and a few fragments but not many details. perhaps a re-read would be interesting :)

Brian Merchant: Blood in the Machine (Hardcover, 2023, Little Brown & Company) 5 stars

The true story of what happened the first time machines came for human jobs, when …

The testimony stretched over two days, and Henson was nervous; he was frustrated that more examples of lace and knitted goods hadn’t been sent down, and wrote Nottingham urging them to send more. “If any Man in the Trade refuses to do his Duty in the making of Articles for the Recovery of his Trade Knock his Teeth down his Throat instantly,” he wrote.

Blood in the Machine by 

i found this hilarious to the point of giggling repeatedly