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Thar be dragons. (I like fantasy, especially when they have dragons)

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Len Vlahos, Len Vlahos: Hard Wired (2020, Bloomsbury Publishing USA) 4 stars

Quinn is a normal fifteen-year-old who plays video games, spends time with his friends, and …

A thought-provoking novel for sure

4 stars

It feels like the summation of "what-ifs" many people have about ai sentience bundled into a novel. It's a YA novel, so while I did find it suspenseful with interesting twists, the characters can be a little basic at times.

Rick Riordan: The Demigod Files (A Percy Jackson and the Olympians Guide) (Hardcover, 2009, Hyperion Book CH) 4 stars

The Demigod Files is a companion book to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. …

2/3 of the way through and this book has been a fun read. I personally wasn't into the character interviews, which made me put off ever starting this book. However, the short stories are good.

Readers definitely shouldn't come into this expecting any sort of novel, but I found it to be perfect light reading while I was on a road trip.