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Curious microbiologist outside of academia working to make it possible to launch biotechnology projects from unlikely spaces (hopefully community driven!). Reading sci-fi since I was little (probably started with Monica Hughes) and I try to mix it up with some non-fiction too.

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MaddAddam (2013, Nan A. Talese/Doubleday) 3 stars

It's a strange emotion to feel sadness for the mistakes of a "mad" scientist, and yet this is what the trilogy has left with me. The loss of life caused by a specific analysis of the world left to ferment in the special privacy of a hyper-capitalist surveillance state is a tragedy that seems as real as today's mass shootings in a world where genomes are just blueprints for corporate profit-making. And yet there is hope in this story, and it is borne of fighting for survival in solidarity with the other creatures of earth. I can clearly see the influence this had on Borne, but I think this one might do a better job making the parallels to our world more explicit.

The Year of the Flood (2010, Anchor) 4 stars

The long-awaited new novel from Margaret Atwood. The Year of the Flood is a dystopic …

Content warning Minor spoilers

Oryx and Crake (Paperback, 2004, Anchor Books) 4 stars

Oryx and Crake is at once an unforgettable love story and a compelling vision of …

In this reread (kicking off my goal to read the trilogy) I was struck but the way in which materials were discussed. The danger of glass when one has no shoes, how an ointment had the thickness of mud, and of course the description of the flesh of a Nubbin.

Conflict is not abuse (2016) 5 stars

A extremely relevant discussion on the difficulties in disambiguating the behaviour of those who are processing Trauma and those who are exerting Supremacy that calls the us to more closely examine the ways in which we align ourselves with the participants in a conflict. Examples move through varying scales of human conflict in social relationships that are rooted in 1:1 interactions but build to a global scale.