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gay disaster. in possession of several opinions. i will post about books in the language i read them in, which is either english or german. fedi:

ratings are kind of arbitrary at the moment since i don't really have a frame of reference due to not being an avid reader for a good bit now.

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Dune (1990, Ace Books)

Dune:Book one in the Dune Chronicles 来自 

Contains appendices and extra material.

Our Violent Ends (EBook, Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.) No rating

The heartstopping follow up to These Violent Ends, an imaginative, alluring retelling of Romeo and …

Content warning our violent ends: minor spoilers

Dune (1990, Ace Books) 5 stars

Contains appendices and extra material.

expansive universe, exhausting writing style

4 stars

it took me ages to get through this. not because it's bad, probably mostly because i repaired my computer and had.. other things on my mind. but also partly because herbert's style reminds me of tolkien. like, a lot. at least in the sense that herbert really wants you to read his mediocre poetry too.

this isn't bad by any means, and i will surely read on in the future. probably around the time the second movie hits. the characters are fleshed-out and there's surprisingly little overt misogyny for a science fiction book that is, at this point, positively ancient. it's just the constant internal monologuing and then rushing through the actual happenings that gets exhausting after a while.

Quasi (2020, Ach je Verlag)

Quasi: Afroqueere Novelle by 

Die queere Dominikanerin Wendolyn arbeitet in einer Werkstatt und versucht wie alle in Berlin nebenbei Projekte zum laufen zu bringen. …

Dune (1990, Ace Books) 5 stars

Contains appendices and extra material.

Content warning dune spoilers

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Content warning spoilers

A Slow Fire Burning (2021, Random House Large Print) 2 stars

When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions …


2 stars

tried to read this for a book club but when others gave up, i honestly lost the little bit of interest i still had. it's just not enjoyable to read. the characters are constantly miserable and nothing good ever happens in their lives. it just makes you feel depressed while reading.