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Reading for sanity, solace, meaning, meandering.

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Noor (Hardcover, 2021, DAW) 4 stars

From Africanfuturist luminary Okorafor comes a new science fiction novel of intense action and thoughtful …

Engaging despite some stumbles

4 stars

Lots of themes here appeal to me with deserts, tech giants, and misfits in a Nigerian future I'm not equipped to imagine. There were bits here and there I couldn't swallow, but overall I'm thankful for the journey.

Parable of the Sower (Paperback, 2000, Warner Books) 4 stars

In 2025, with the world descending into madness and anarchy, one woman begins a fateful …

Wrenching and frighteningly prescient

4 stars

We might not have quite reached this level of dystopia but having nearly reached 2024 nothing seems too farfetched. Butler shows that she needs nothing supernatural to power a story. This one will stick with me should I manage to live through the time period it is set in.

Recursion (Hardcover, 2019, Crown Publishing) 4 stars

Memory makes reality.

That’s what New York City cop Barry Sutton is learning as he …

An ambitious plot that does pretty well in light of the challenges, but doesn't quite all hang together in my mind by the end. It's fun to watch someone try to shoot the moon, though.