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Detransition, Baby (Hardcover, 2021, One World) 4 stars

A whipsmart debut about three women--transgender and cisgender--whose lives collide after an unexpected pregnancy forces …

I really liked this book! I'm lov the disaster women.

it was really interesting to read the Social Aspects Of Gender stuff. it's a topic I'm already familiar with etc etc, but always down to read more. this book in particular made me feel like I've been missing massive amounts of Social Stuff — like everyone else is aware of all the currents in the ocean (even if they can't necessarily see or verbalise them the way Reese and Ames/y do) and I can barely make out the waves. like. I am Aware of gender-currents stuff existing and I'm A Feminist and I'm not even cis, just, seeing Amy in particular narrating some stuff from her childhood/teenhood made me feel like — like how Reese did at the essential oils party!! people really do that?? live like that??

(I suspect it's, the neurotype thing. obvs nd people including me are …