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Avid bedtime reader, lover of sci-fi, mystery, and suspense. If you looked at my bookshelf you'd see a lot of nonfiction, despite how little I read it. All the good fiction I read gets passed on, the rest gets donated.

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This Naked Mind (2018) 5 stars

Aims to help alcoholics change their relationship with drinking, showing the psychological and cultural aspects …

This book really did change my life

5 stars

I owe this book, Annie Grace, Albert Hofmann, and the community at /r/StopDrinking an enormous debt of gratitude. With their help, I was able to quit drinking, which I had started at age 14.

While there are many approaches to treating alcoholism, Annie Grace uses a non-dogmatic, evidence-based, logical approach to understanding the mechanisms of addiction. The thought is that the more you understand how addiction occurs in the mind, the more you have to draw upon to get free from it.

I still have things in my life to work on, but I'm no longer holding myself back.