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Since I discovered the fediverse I must have written like 10 new bios for profiles. And, as you may know, it's hard to keep telling who you are to people you've never met and you probably never will. Especially when you're not really sure yourself.

This list of books here is wildly incomplete. I was one of those weird kids that spend their time reading. I don't even remember what books I've read. I try to keep track but I get lost, I forget, I lose interest. Also, my attention span is getting funny with age.

Everything is getting funny with age.

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Wheel of the infinite. (2000, HarperCollins) 4 stars

Maskelle is the voice of the adversary, but the adversary appears to have abandoned her …

Perhaps it was a lack of ability to focus on my part, but for me, this time, this book was hard to read. I could not empathize with the characters or really understand the world depicted and its magic (that never happens to me with Martha Wells). The rhythm was also complicated. I didn't really enjoy it (and it means a lot that I even finished it).

That Green Eyed Girl (2022, Penguin Books, Limited) 3 stars

There were some things I didn't like about this book, like a main character who I found difficult to love, or some deliberate cruelty from the writer towards the characters (sometimes). It was hard for me to identify with the characters.

But I liked the fact that they are all well depicted women, the themes, the chronology, and living in New York for a while.

It's a first novel, so there is room for improvement. I wish I could write a first novel! Well done, Julie. Keep it up!