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Review of 'Vandal' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

This volume (I read it as an ARC) contains three different tales written in different styles, but there are common threads throughout. They all delve into interpersonal relationships, and they're all creepy in the damage that's inflicted. In spite of - or perhaps because of - those wildly different styles of storytelling, I was engrossed through all three.

Kaaron Warren's The Deathplace Set follows the history of a family and the obsession that drives them. They travel from one damned place to another, driven by a disturbing pack of cards with far more power than anything ever imagined by Tarot. Warren does an excellent job of revealing how the inheritance of those cards consistently creeps deeper and deeper into the psyche of not only each family member, but the family unit as a whole. Each card reveals some horrific story from the past, and each one brings about some change …