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Hull Zero Three (Hardcover, 2010, Orbit) 3 stars

A good premise, but a difficult read

2 stars

Much of the book is told by characters who don't know what is going on, but the result is unfortunately so disjointed and baffling that I wound up clueless to the end.

It shares this with Wool, but in the end Wool executed it better and I enjoyed that book more.

Hull Zero Three lost the thread enough times that by the end I was just glad it was over.

Mount Fitz Roy (Paperback, 2021, Empty Set Entertainment) 4 stars

Good enough, but Earthcore was superior

4 stars

A solid follow-up to Earthcore, but like so many sequels before it, it is really tough to try to beat the original.

Earthcore set the bar really high, and while the new topics explored were a nice change of pace it didn't grip the way Earthcore did.

Regardless, it IS still worth your time.