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Hi, I'm Lumi! Genres I enjoy include fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, philosophy, as well as memoirs and essays on various topics. Feel free to say hi, I also speak French.

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Jessica Dodge: The Forgotten Witch (‎ Wizard Supply Co) No rating

Helen Kent never dares to step outside her comfort zone. She lives a lonely, mundane …

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commented on Seasons of a Magical Life by Amy Blackthorn

H. Byron Ballard, Amy Blackthorn: Seasons of a Magical Life (2021, Red Wheel/Weiser) 5 stars

An invitation to return to a simpler time of earth-based spirituality and ritual living, through …

I'm about half way through this book now, which I was looking forward to reading and learning more about living by the wheel of the year. I read through the first part which consists of short essays reflecting on associated topics like the many cycles found in nature and concepts like animism and mutual aid. Now I'm onto the second section which contains more practical advice. I almost feel like these sections could've been separate books but both sections have provided useful information and interesting ideas to incorporate into my own worldview.