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Based in the UK. I read books in splurges.

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Ken Smith: Way of the Hermit (2023, Pan Macmillan) No rating

A nice, gentle book about a nice, gentle man. Since the book mirrors his personality, there’s no big drama or hook to keep you totally invested, so it wafts by as you read it. So it was pleasant, but not something I’m desperate to read again, nor am I insistent that someone else reads it.

Joel Martinsen, Cixin Liu, Ken Liu: Three-Body Problem Series (2017, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 4 stars

I can see why the trilogy is well-loved. The switches between light years and subatomic distances, and between reality and virtual reality, gives you whiplash, the metaphors between the Cultural Revolution and the latter parts of the book are interesting, and the general creepiness throughout is fun.

There's a coldness and clinical aspect to the writing (or translation?) that adds to the creepiness, but it also keeps me, as the reader, at arms length. So for that reason I probably won't read the rest of the trilogy, but I'm happy to have read this first book.

Lee Craigie: Other Ways to Win (Paperback, 2023, Vertebrate Graphics Limited) 5 stars

‘I rode back down the hill to the athlete’s village. Some of Team Scotland had …

This was a more personal book than I was expecting, and a more powerful read as a result. I'm rather affected by it, and I suspect I'll find myself thinking about it often.

I think those people who knew Lee as a racer will find the non-racing sections interesting, and those who know her more for her activism will find her racing history interesting. Everyone's a winner!

Bob Mortimer: The Satsuma Complex (2022, Simon & Schuster, Limited) 4 stars

I finally finished. I thought it would be more light-hearted and well-meaning than it was, but most of the characters in the book were mean-spirited. The characters all spoke like Bob Mortimer, which is very weird because he’s rather unique.

It had drama, tension and mystery, so in those respects it did the right job, but I wished it were nicer about it.

finished reading Keeping Dry & Staying Warm (Part 1) by Chris Townsend (Keeping Dry & Staying Warm, #1)

Mike Parsons, Mary Rose, Chris Townsend, Chuck Kukla: Keeping Dry & Staying Warm (Part 1) (Paperback, Outdoor Gear Coach) 4 stars

A unique must-read resource for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Gain a better understanding of …

Really interesting, and contains very useful information for future adventures.

The book is a bit amateurish at times, with plenty of copy-paste duplicates, typos etc, and my paperback version is very much the 2nd class citizen to the e-book (lots of long urls or “click here” notices). But this all adds a certain charm. The authors have put the work into the research, not the editing.