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An avid reader of fiction, especially sci-fi and fantasy (bonus points if it's both and also queer <3). All time favorite series is, without a doubt, The Locked Tomb by Tamsyn Muir. Ask me what I'm reading!

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Black Leopard, Red Wolf (2020, Riverhead Books) 4 stars

Tracker is known far and wide for his skills as a hunter: "He has a …

I really wanted to like this book, but the author's constant usage of sexual/genital-focused metaphors was incredibly offputting, as was the relatively constant mentioning of genital mutilation and sexual abuse. I would have enjoyed it if it weren't for that, but I'm only on page 50 and I dread picking it up every time I want to read.

Sleep Alone (Paperback, Off Limits Press) 3 stars

For the past six years, Ronnie has worked selling merch for a perpetually touring band. …

Excellent premise, good prose, lackluster execution

3 stars

I really enjoyed the premise of this book, and the author clearly had a well-articulated vision behind the story. The prose was good, if somewhat inconsistent. The pacing of the story was confusing and difficult to follow--this story doesn't belong in such a short format. I wanted to get more invested in the characters, but there was really no character arc for anyone except for the main character, Ronnie. Reading this book felt sort of like walking into a theater during the last two acts, with an expectation that we could take the lack of context and run with it. I really wanted to love this story, but it ended up being solidly mediocre from me even though the ideas and themes behind it are intriguing. I'm not usually picky about what I read, but this book was disappointing.

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (Paperback, 2019, William Morrow Paperbacks) 4 stars

The classic collaboration from the internationally bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, soon to …

This is my second attempt at reading this book—started back in 2019 and made it about halfway through before getting sucked into school again. Happy to report that I’m confident I’ll finish it this time. An incredibly charming read

Legends & Lattes (Paperback, 2022, Tor Books) 4 stars

Worn out after decades of packing steel and raising hell, Viv the orc barbarian cashes …

I thoroughly enjoyed this!—a comforting read that still managed to get my heart racing a few times. Viv’s character development was such a lovely story to follow, and the romance was well done. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable book :)