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Reader, writer, IT-consultant and generally laid back. (I think.) I love scifi, fantasy and steampunk as genres.

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Lindsay Buroker: Dragon Storm (Paperback, 2017, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) 5 stars

Not all dragons are good dragons

5 stars

Lindsay Buroker never fails to come true with her stories. Hard to write a review without spoilers, but... not all dragons are good dragons, and when your world suddenly gets infested by them, it's quite a battle to get rid of them. Add some magical swords in a world where magic is frowned upon, and the stage is set.

Andrzej Sapkowski: The Last Wish (The Witcher, #0.5) (2007, Gollancz) 4 stars

The Last Wish (Polish: Ostatnie życzenie) is the first (in its fictional chronology; published second …

Great world building

5 stars

I tried the TV series and didn't like it at all. I usually like the book of something a lot better. The Witcher / Last Wish was no exception.

Such a breath of fresh air, seeing a different world (Slavic), and so many amazing people and creatures. I loved this book.

reviewed Colony One by Tarah Benner (The Elderon Chronicles, #1)

Tarah Benner: Colony One (EBook) 5 stars

Maggie Barnes is at the end of her rope. She’s young and broke living in …

Interesting read

5 stars

The start was a bit slow, but soon the pace and the plots picked up. Definitely a nice read, and a good start of the series. Space station and robots. That's fun.

Marion Mavis: Supremacy Witch (Marion Mavis) 5 stars

Being exiled from her coven is the least of Evelyn's problems. Although only passed her …

Nice mix of magic

5 stars

I definitely enjoyed this book. The struggle between light and dark magic was well done, and the variation of characters was great.

Evelyn is turned into a dark witch. Dark witches have a bad name. From there, things take a turn for the worse.

Magic, some romance going bad and getting good again, murder and conniving Elders. What more do you want?

Branwen OShea: The Calling (Paperback, 2020, Sigma Orionis Publishing) 5 stars

Humanity’s wake-up call. Answer it or face extinction. When Bleu’s little sister shows symptoms of …

Review of 'The Calling' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

"The Calling" is the first book in a series called "Finding Humanity".

Well written, with engaging characters and a good pace, we follow the experiences of two groups of people on Earth, one on the surface, one underground.

The ones underground are determined to find other havens where people live, but that's easier said than done. Expeditions to the frozen surface require a lot of preparation, and resources are limited.

Be ready for misunderstanding, rigid minds and insights of many kinds.

Review of 'Phoenix Project : Book I' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

A very intriguing and well-paced story about Ashe and her 'family', who escaped from a facility that wasn't kind to them.

Armed with above-average powers, they roam around until they meet a group of people that resonates with most of them.

I'm not going to spoil things, but this is a book worth reading if you like chimeras and good-paced writing.