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Sam Ruby, Leonard Richardson, Mike Amundsen: RESTful Web APIs (2015) 5 stars

After twelve years this book is a little out of date. It mentions a few HTTP RFCs that never got approved (like Snell Link Methods and there's no mention of newer techniques like GraphQL or tRPC.

It's still a pretty interesting read so far that still applies to the more abstract concepts in Hypermedia APIs. It would have gone over my head back in 2013, but I can grok it today after building apps on REST for all these years.

Louis L'Amour: Sackett (The Sacketts #4) (Paperback, 1980, Bantam) No rating

On to the next book in the Sackett series. This one is about older brother of the previous book's protagonist. Now, I'm not certain which came first, this one or The Daybreakers. Tye and Orrin didn't mention their older brother much, but I suspect this book might explain how abruptly the other book started.

Louis L'Amour: The Daybreakers (Louis L'Amour) (AudiobookFormat, 2000, Random House Audio) 4 stars

I took stock of my collection and decided to get back into the Sackett series. I read "Sackett's Land" which is supposed to be the first, but it seems that L'Amour didn't write them in chronological order. I decided to read this book because it's the earliest in the series.

Louis L'Amour: River's West (Paperback, 1981, Bantam Books) No rating

The ending felt rushed; I was sure there would be a sequel right up until the last page. Maybe there's a sequel...

Ahh, I see, this was the third installment in the "Talon Chantry" series. I thought there was an awful lot of allusion to the protagonist's grandfather. I'll have to see if I have the rest of them!

Mustafa Suleyman, Michael Bhaskar: The Coming Wave (Hardcover, Crown) 1 star

This book is like someone asked ChatGPT to write a book about AI in the style of Ray Kurzweil. Just replace all the instances of "The Singularity" with "The Coming Wave", and sprinkle in references to current events like the Ukraine war.

There are no solutions in this book, just the same warnings that you should have found in a Margaret Atwood book two decades ago.

Louis L'Amour: River's West (Paperback, 1981, Bantam Books) No rating

I started reading this on a plane last year and I recently found it in the pocket of my jacket. I picked it back up and started reading again. It's an easy read, like most of L'Amour's work. A manly, and independent protagonist tries to solve a mysterious murder while travelling to find his fortune. It's good hero fantasy stuff if you're into that.

Anneli S. Rufus: Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto (2002) 5 stars

I like to leave my phone at home and walk to a coffeeshop by myself. On my way today I stopped at one of the little library boxes that people put in their yards and I found this book. As I sat alone in a corner of the cafe patio I read two chapters; easily absorbed by validating thoughts that it seemed I could have written myself. I couldn't have found a better book this morning, and I look forward to finishing it!