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she/they Love and compassion are acts of resistance. Forever in recovery; learning to be a better human.

I read far more than I realized. I’m trying to find better words to describe the feelings manifested by the books I read, so my reviews may be more feeling oriented than objective.

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GennaRose Nethercott: Thistlefoot (EBook, 2022, Anchor) 4 stars

In the tradition of modern fairytales like American Gods and Spinning Silver comes a sweeping …


4 stars

Enjoyed the setting and what Nethercott was getting at with this story. Interesting storytelling and world building with themes of personal, familial, generational, and cultural trauma. It can get dark but didn’t feel too heavy. The folklore tie-ins felt especially well done and I wish there was more exploration of the world, but it wasn’t that kind of story.

And look, I hated Isaac. Almost quit reading because of the character. Then eventually I saw parts of my past trauma responses reflected in his behavior and it clicked why I hated him so much. I still feel his backstory required me to give him too much of a pass, but hurt people hurt people and we all react and hurt differently.

Robert Jackson Bennett: Tainted Cup (2024, Random House Worlds) 5 stars

An eccentric detective and her long-suffering assistant untangle a web of magic, deceit, and murder …

Loved It

5 stars

Had a great time with this. I haven’t had this much fun in a fantasy setting since the Shades of Magic books by V.E. Schwab and the Witch King by Martha Wells.

The mystery aspects were well done - all of the pieces were available and figuring out broad strokes was even within my own grasp. It was great fun to see the internal logic spelled out and add to the world building.