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The Three-Body Problem (Hardcover, 2014, Tor Books) 4 stars

Within the context of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a military project sends messages to alien …

A interesting idea, but author seems to be more obsessed with the scientific part

4 stars

I liked the plot and the unusual idea for the story, but the characters are somehow not so well detailed and it was hard to immerse myself into the book. Nevertheless, I'm going to read the second one in this series.

A Work in Progress: A Journal (2013, Phaidon Press) 5 stars

An excellent book for food (and other type of) nerds

5 stars

I've been following René for several years by know and I always admired his dedication and curiosity. This book is his diary as a cook and a chef. As all diaries are, it's quite personal and emotional, but very well written to my taste. Made me thinking about how different Noma-class restaurants are from the places where people just come to satisfy their need for food and socialization.

Душа осьминога: Удивительное исследование чуда сознания (Paperback, Russian language, 2017, Альпина нон-фикшн)

Душа осьминога: Удивительное исследование чуда сознания by 

Известный автор-натуралист Сай Монтгомери исследует эмоциональный и физический мир осьминогов, удивительные отношения, складывающиеся между людьми и этими животными, а также …