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Mostly scifi and fantasy, but also a fair amount of natural history with a smattering of political economy and other non-fiction.

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William Gibson: William Gibson Neuromancer Collection 4 Books Bundle (Paperback, 2017, Gollancz) 4 stars

William Gibson Neuromancer Collection 4 Books Bundle With Gift Journal includes titles in this collection …

Review of 'William Gibson Neuromancer Collection 4 Books Bundle' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Re-read this in 2022 after nearly 20 years. It felt less cool and more annoying this time. All the characters were trying to be so cool & badass that it was hard to follow what was going on. The first time I read this I felt like the characters were just reticent and mysterious. This go round they just felt thin.

Interesting how physical the conception of cyberspace is in this book. Case makes a big deal of how he's leaving meatspace behind, doesn't care about his body. But every metaphor of cyberspace is physical, 3d - the way it looks, the way you move through it. Our internet is much more disembodying than this cyberspace. Don't even need to "jack in" - just a few minutes scrolling on your phone and you've all but forgotten your body exists.

It's also deeply unclear why cyberspace even exists, what the point …

Victoria Goddard: The Hands of the Emperor (Hardcover, 2018, Underhill Books) 4 stars

An impulsive word can start a war. A timely word can stop one. A simple …

Review of 'The Hands of the Emperor' on 'Goodreads'

2 stars

Really enjoyed the beginning of this book, but quite annoyed and exasperated by the end. Only Cliopher gets any real fleshing out in the whole book and the book is a real hagiography of that character, complete with sermons from our saint. Confuses status and power and is embarrassingly obsessed with status.

It was gentle and kind, though, and well written enough to carry me through the whole book!