The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

paperback, 751 pages

English language

Published June 10, 2002 by Geddes & Grosset.

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William Shakespeare is the best known writer in all of English literature and has not earned this reputation without reason. This volume contain the complete dramatic works of the literary genius whose work has enthralled audiences since Elizabethan times.

In his works you will find tragedy, comedy, history. romance. fantasy, horror an a vast range of human experience that is still poignant in modern times.

Shakespeare'S heroes and heroines, villains and rogues, are amongst English literature's most enduring characters. Once experienced, who can forget the reasoning of Portia, the scheming of Richard III, the contradiction that is Hamlet, the calculated determination of Lady Macbeth, the jealousy of Othello the ridiculousness of a lovesick and cross-gartered Malvolio, the wit of Beatric and Benedick. the overbearing passion of Venus for Adonis, the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet or the tragic vanity of King Lear? --back cover

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