The Forest Unseen

A Year's Watch in Nature

paperback, 288 pages

Published March 26, 2013 by Penguin Books.


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A year's meditation on the same nearby square of forest floor, as short essays by a biology professor relating and explicating the changing now to biological and evolutionary processes at all scales. Philosophical throughout, regularly upending the distinction between observer and subject, dissolving the objective stance for an interdependent understanding.

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5 stars

Haskell presents a beautiful, complex and inspiring book about the human condition, masked in an exploration of nature. For one year, he revisits the same one square metre of forest countless times, documenting what he finds from nematodes to deer to golf balls to ephemeral flowers to fungi. The story is broad reaching, personal, and beautiful. Each chapter is another adventure into the history, ecology and specificity of another of the visitors to this small patch of land, helping to visualise the global in the tiniest of locals.

As Rachel Carson would hope for all nature writing, Haskell inspires a sense of wonder about the forest and the natural world, and simultaneously about the breadth of human ingenuity and discovery.

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