Before the Coffee Gets Cold

A Novel (Before the Coffee Gets Cold)

paperback, 272 pages

Published Nov. 2, 2021 by Hanover Square Press.


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4 stars (9 reviews)

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A quirky premise failed by such stilted writing.

2 stars

A cafe that serves strong enough coffee to transport one through time.

A quirky premise failed by such stilted writing. Kill your darlings the adage goes, but by that metric this is post-genocidal, hack-like storycraft.

Due to the international attention this book has attracted, I found myself wondering if it was a translation issue. Lo and behold - it was adapted into a novel from a theatrescript, where a significant amount of necessary emotion and artistry is delegated to the acting cast.

My fundamental problem with this book is that in converting "BTCGC" into a novel (for more $$$), not enough of that emotion and artistry has been added into the text. Characters' emotions race from zero to 100 in the space of a paragraph. Descriptions of setting and character appear to have been adapted directly from the writer's notes.

And yet, underneath it all is a charming and easy-to-read …

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4 stars

A quirky, bittersweet time travel story. I felt like this novel spelled things out too much. It could have been so magical if the author had trusted his readers! But the premise was cool and I loved the characters. 

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