Artemis: A Novel

A Novel

Paperback, 352 pages

English language

Published May 17, 2018 by Ballantine Books.


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3 stars (6 reviews)

Augmenting her limited income by smuggling contraband to survive on the Moon's wealthy city of Artemis, Jazz agrees to commit what seems to be a perfect, lucrative crime, only to find herself embroiled in a conspiracy for control of the city.

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More of an SF thriller than a Hard-SF story like "The Martian"

3 stars

An interesting story set on a lunar colony, Artemis. The main character, Jazz Bashara, is introduced as a smuggler involved in getting minor prohibited items (like cigars) into the city for her clients. We soon learn that she has apparently made some bad life decisions early in her life that has led her to become estranged from her father and people who thought she would make something of her life due to her high intelligence.

She also has a past debt to pay off, and one day she is given the opportunity to pay if off when one of her clients proposes an audacious sabotage attempt by her in order to corner a market on Artemis. But the attempt goes wrong, and Jazz now finds herself not only a fugitive from the law, but also a target of a mob that is very angry at the sabotage. Running for her …

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3 stars

While I have mixed feelings about the main character, Jazz, Andy Weir has once again crafted a science fiction novel with a cool premise and writing that keeps you hooked. Who among us has not pondered the possibility of human colonization of the moon?

Here, we see Artemis as mostly a tourist destination, otherwise a self-sustaining city spread out among a number of connected "bubbles," complete with tradespeople of all sorts, homes, restaurants, hotels, shops, one medic, and one Mountie-turned-mooncop. Jazz is a porter, which allows her to supplement her income by smuggling contraband to the city. But then one of her regular customers makes an offer that's insanely dangerous. If she gets caught, she'll be deported to her home country of Saudi Arabia, which she hasn't seen since she was six years old. But if she doesn't get caught, the payoff will be more money than she could hope …

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