I will fear no evil

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I will fear no evil (1987, Berkley Pub. Group)

512 pages

English language

Published Sept. 5, 1987 by Berkley Pub. Group.

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3 stars (7 reviews)

Ideas about our identity. Rich old man who is dying has his mind transplanted into a young woman's body. Both have to learn to live together.

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4 stars

Re-read this after a gap of many many years. It's really interesting how different the book is to me from the last time around.

This time I was very struck by Heinlein's politics and economics, rather than the very front and centre gender and sexuality plot. The perceived ethics, morals and responsibility of all the characters in an almost anarchic society were quite different than those you might expect.

I do think the authour tried pretty blatantly to provoke strong reactions in his readers, and it still does today, even though times have changed around it. What you think of this book might reflect more on yourself than you realize.

Not my favourite Heinlein, but still worth reading, and re-reading.

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