Full Dark, No Stars

386 pages

English language

Published May 24, 2011 by Gallery Books.


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3 stars (7 reviews)

In four previously unpublished short works, a man explores his dark nature, a writer confronts a stranger, a cancer patient makes a deal with the devil, and a woman makes a horrifying discovery about her husband.

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5 stars

The short stories and novellas of Stephen King is what ultimately drew me as Constant Reader to him and I think they keep being his forte as of today. "Full Dark, No Stars" contains four of his, in my opinion, best stories, especially as they mostly deal with the tragedy and horrors of the human mind and not the "monster under the bed". My favourite story, which I re-read recently is "A Strong Marriage" - one of the few novellas where it does not matter that you know the premise (a woman finds out that her husband is a serial killer). It's one of the strongest examples of characterisation in fiction I know and if you only ever read one story of Stephen King, it should be this one.

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