The life you can save

acting now to end world poverty

206 pages

English language

Published Sept. 7, 2009 by Random House.

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This is the right time to ask yourself: "What should I be doing to help?"For the first time in history, it is now within our reach to eradicate world poverty and the suffering it brings. Yet around the world, a billion people struggle to live each day on less than many of us pay for bottled water. And though the number of deaths attributable to poverty worldwide has fallen dramatically in the past half-century, nearly ten million children still die unnecessarily each year. The people of the developed world face a profound choice: If we are not to turn our backs on a fifth of the world's population, we must become part of the solution. In The Life You Can Save, philosopher Peter Singer, named one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the World" by Time magazine, uses ethical arguments, provocative thought experiments, illuminating examples, and case studies of …

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5 stars

I listened to audiobook for the 10th anniversary edition, which was recently published and is available for free on Each chapter is read by a different celebrity.

I had to pause the audiobook multiple times to think about the arguments I'd just read and consider how they made me feel and what they made me think. I nearly cried more than once while reading this book due to being moved by acts of generosity in it.

This will likely be the most impactful book I've read/listened to in quite a while and will read for a while. I'm not yet sure the extent to which this book will influence my actions, but I have some ideas for what I'll be doing next and how I might adjust the resources I commit to giving. I'm feeling very inspired.

Please read this book and consider what is within it.

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